Guest Blog: Lucas Carrizo – My time at Baggies Brighton

Lucas came to join in the Baggies fun a couple of months ago, bringing with him an infectious smile, limitless enthusiasm and a kind-hearted nature. This is his Baggies and Brighton experience:


Baggies and Brighton for me by Lucas

I should introduce myself first to let you know what am I doing here right?
My name is Lucas, Argentinian since I was born and have had wanderlust since I can remember..
For the last four years I’ve been traveling around, but because I’m not a rich guy, I’m trading my skills in tourism (and especialy the hostel industry) for accommodation.

If I have to talk about Brighton, I will have to say that everything started  last Summer when I was in the South of Portugal, volunteering in a Surfhouse. As Portugal is a cheap holiday for British people, the beaches in the South of that latin country are full of tourists coming from the UK. While I was there, looking for my next destination, everyone talked to me about their own city, and in England, Brighton was the most named town, because of the vibe, the beach and the place itself.

After being in London and Bristol I arrived to Brighton in December. A call from Marc, a pretty humble and honest voice by phone, made me decide to come here, Baggies Backpackers.A new place, new colleagues and new guests were waiting for me.
Brighton is in low season right now, so it’s normal that it is a bit quieter than the summer months, but even so, pretty quickly I found cool people and a good atmosphere- and that was important because my birthday was coming! I spent an amazing night with guests and colleagues, eating, drinking and of course laughing out loud and for real!!!
Usually during the week we can read or do our daily hobbies (my own is drawing) in peace and in weekends everything can be wild!!!

The guests in this hostel have created a nice family atmosphere, which is easy, chilled and enjoyable. They share everything, also there is a big respect to each other and once your are here, you should feel like the ‘’new guy’’ but no, everyone will talk to you, explain whatever you need to know and that is what makes this place special I think.

A nice memory? The Christmas Lunch with Ronnette the hostel owner!
A big table with Italian, French, Argentinian, South Africans and British people, sharing stories and enjoying dinner as a family. Every dish was prepared by Ronn and her mother with true love.

About Brighton… Such a good decision about to come here!
The North Laines, the pubs, the pier, the Royal Pavilion, nothing is a lie, everything someone tells you is true!
After London, every city is moving in slow motion, but Brighton is more than that, Brighton is relaxed but alive, with music in the streets, colours in the buildings, nice coffee stores everywhere and people… PEOPLE FROM EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY OF THE WORLD living together without any issue. This city is far the most open city I’ve been before.

A sunset is just a sunset but if you are watching it in the Brighton Beach, you are part of a ritual, contemplating how the Sun is resting in the horizon, changing the colours of the sky step by step, minute after minute and finally drowning peacefully in the sea… just leaving peace after him…


My next step will be Lagos, in the South of Portugal, I can’t be far from the beach!
I’ll leave my personal info so anyone can contact me on Facebook or Email.
Now to everyone who is traveling, I’m always open to give you a hand or just share a coffee and spend a good time!

Lucas Carrizo
Instagram: lucascarri
See you around and BIG HUG!!!

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