Who Will You meet at Baggies?

If you’ve ever stayed at Baggies, you will know that we always have a eclectic mix of lovely international guests. Travelling and staying in hostels goes hand in hand with meeting new people, and if you have travelled for any length of time, you inevitably have a few stories about the people you have met and the fun you have had with them. Sometimes these people become life long friends (and with that a nice cheap place to stay when you are next in their homeland!)

So who can you expect to meet at baggies Backpackers? Will you be making pancakes with 3 friendly french girls and dancing around in the early hours to your guilty pleasure tunes? Or maybe you will be playing beer pong in our music room with a Brazilian guy who has been to all the places you would love to go? Or perhaps you will be playing cards  all night or discussing your favourite movies with some hilarious Swedes? You might want to stay a little longer so you go out job hunting with your new Italian best friend who later introduces you to your future love?

Having a boozy night out with people you just met, going down to the sea at midnight with your new friends just because you can. Spending a sun-soaked day on the beach with a group of Australian guys who share your love for music. Sharing a hug with your roommate because you are equally far from home and sometimes- just sometimes- you miss it. Discovering everything that Brighton has to offer, finding the cheapest ways of having the most fun, sharing memories and living free a million miles away from anything close to boredom.

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Whether you are here for a night or stay for a whole Summer, all of this and more is possible at Baggies Backpackers. The best thing is, you just never know who you are going to meet! Wonderful, happy, weird (in a good way), inspirational, musical, and funny people pass through our doors, all bringing something unique to the experience. Last year we even had a Labour MP and his entourage staying with us!

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Of course, sometimes you just want to disappear into the comfy couches and hide yourself in a book or that Netflix series everyone is going on about, and that is just fine with us!

We know from experience that you only get out what you put in, so step out of your comfort zone, say hello to that quiet person, make friends, sing, dance and be positive! Chances are, you’ll have the time of your life!

So, the question is; what are you waiting for? maybe it’s time to sell the stuff that you don’t need, grab a rucksack and step into the exciting unknown!



Images from Flickr Creative Commons, Main image // Image 2

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