Time to catch up – over Coffee!

It’s been a while since our last blog post. Things have been SUPER busy around here with the opening of the hostel and, more recently, the opening of the Baggies Cafe. This has been a really exciting time for all of us seeing the cafe come to life, the menu boards being written, the food being tasted, the coffee machine stirring to life and finally, only a few days ago, opening the doors to our first customers.

We have tried to bring the vibe from the hostel through into the cafe. If you haven’t stayed at our hostels before (either here, London, or in Brighton) our hostels are a little different from the ones you may be used to. We’ve tried to create a home as well as a backpackers, so while you can come here to socialise and meet like minded people, and other travellers – you also feel really welcomed, by our friendly staff, and the homely environment where you can chill out, relax and take a breath. Curl up on the comfy couches with a book or a movie, cook a proper meal in our modern kitchen, wash your clothes, get a good night sleep in a cozy bed, shower in a clean bathroom with hot water (hallelujah – if you’ve travelled you’ll understand how much of a luxury these things are! Am I right?)

Our small size really fosters a family environment too – we all hang out with each other and that’s why the cafe seemed a perfect extension onto our home. A really cosy and warm, communal, place where we can escape the chill of winter and warm up over premium coffees and fresh pastries. The smell of baking wafting through in the morning is enough to get anyone up out of bed, believe me!

“Every new city I go to I am always on the hunt for an independent coffee house; somewhere different from the soulless high street stores. How delighted do you think I was, upon turning up to Baggies, to find the cafe of my dreams right on my doorstep?” – Holly, NZ (Baggies Backpackers, Guest)

So, although it’s winter, things are warming up down here in Bournemouth. Come and see us soon. We have a coffee waiting for you!

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